Revival Of America

Leroy Jenkins has sure led a very interesting life! Leroy Jenkins rose to popularity in the 1960's and 1970's and was regularly seen on Television stations across the world. He is a true man of faith who offers real miracles for those who believe in the power of Christ.

You can now follow the historical accounts of his revival of america through our online repository of his published articles. Follow his faith crusades from tents to auditoriums across the United States. Reverand Leroy Jenkin's Revival Of America gives great insight into the true power of God for those who believe.

These days you can catch Leroy Jenkin's Revival Of America on Facebook and vimeo as well as following him on a number of television outlets, including DirecTV. Leroy Jenkins is a true man of faith, offering FREE miracle water to anyone because he believes in helping everyone who enters his life. Remember that Faith Works and Jesus Never Fails!

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